IPEDS Data Center

The IPEDS Data Center is our cutting-edge, web-based tool for the retrieval and analysis of IPEDS data.

The Data Center allows users to retrieve IPEDS data on a single institution, compare institutions on a single variable, view trends over time on a single variable, calculate descriptive statistics of an institution with or without a comparison institution, generate standard reports for an institution, download data files; and access the Data Analysis System, Executive Peer Tool and Data Feedback Report functions.

The IPEDS State Data Center is designed to meet the needs of national and state legislative staff, policymakers, and others. It facilitates the use of existing IPEDS data in the context of a state audience perspective. The State Data Center is composed of three data retrieval tools: the (1) Custom Data Tables; (2) State Profiles; and (3) Pre-defined Reports.

A demo version of the IPEDS Data Center can be accessed online at http://demos.inovas.net/ipedsdc/

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