Analytix by AccessLex®

Analytix by AccessLex® is an online public user interface providing legal education data tools using data provided by the American Bar Association (ABA). The website was designed to provide law school data in an easily accessible format, allowing the legal education community to more readily analyze, research, and compare law schools. The current site includes four tools:

1) Side-by-Side Comparison to create a downloadable report comparing up to five law schools, side-by-side, across a customized set of figures for the most recent report year.

2) Peer Group Comparison to produce a downloadable report comparing a law school of your choice to a customizable group of institutions across a pre-defined or customized set of figures for the most recent report year.

3) Trend Report to generate downloadable graphs and charts to display trends for select figures of your choice. Focus on data for one law school or compare to a customized group of institutions.

4) Download Dataset to select and download a set of variables for multiple years in CSV and Excel formats to create your own dataset with information for all law schools.

Analytix by AccessLex® can be accessed online at

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