IT Innovative Solutions, Corp. (INOVAS) Leadership Team

Mohamad Sakr

INOVAS President, Senior Systems Architect

As the person that established INOVAS’ in 1999, Mr. Sakr oversees the timely production and delivery of the company’s high-quality business and technology solutions—managing the technical development and support for its wide-range of products and services. During his twenty-three years of experience in the field of software design and development, Mr. Sakr has led both on and off-site teams in the successful production of numerous complex computer and internet-based applications, working extensively with, and frequently serving as a technical consultant on, advanced internet technologies such as Active Server Pages, COM development, and multi-tiered system architecture. He possesses in-depth knowledge of a variety of hardware and software systems and programming languages, and his vast applications experience has made him adept at quickly analyzing, understanding, and resolving both the technical and business issues that frequently arise during the systems development process. In addition, Mr. Sakr’s expertise includes many years providing technical support, documentation, and training to users of all skill. His wife Lamis supports the daily operations as HR and Payroll functions.