IT Innovative Solutions, Corp. (INOVAS) is a mission-driven, Information Technology management-consulting firm with a focus on serving our customers while providing creative solutions for their complex problems. We specialize in providing high-quality customized web-based applications, surveys and case management systems. Our solutions are both cost-effective and creative. We deliver our solutions with scalable architecture using the best hardware and software technologies available.

INOVAS began in 1999 as a woman owned small business. Since our inception, we have transferred ownership to our employees in order to secure the future of INOVAS and to provide a platform for further growth.

We believe in DIVERSITY. INOVAS employs a diverse group of Project Managers, Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, System Architects, Application Designers, Developers and Help Desk Technicians who are subject matter experts COMMITTED to providing Cost Effective Analytical Solutions that are robust, user-friendly, and performance-oriented. Our diverse culture ensures everyone benefits from future success.

Our Core Capabilities

INOVAS understands the dynamic role the Internet has in analyzing data. INOVAS specializes in the design, development and maintenance of Internet and intranet web-based applications, surveys and case management systems that support the process of
DATA ANALYTICS. Our solutions help our customers

  • Exchange Information,
  • Communicate more effectively,
  • Improve business processes, and
  • Cut operational costs.

Our SOLUTIONS help leaders of Federal, state and local governments make efficient and effective decisions.

Our Mission

At INOVAS, our three-dimensional mission is centered on developing customer-driven innovative solutions, improving data driven technologies and providing cost effective results.

Our Vision

At INOVAS, we strive to provide innovative research tools that meet the information needs of our customers. As we evolve with technology, INOVAS is committed to building better solutions for our customers.


Our Mathematical Modelling Data Collection System is designed to provide for more efficient data collection, improved data quality, and reduced respondent burden. This includes:

  • Dynamic Skip Patterns

    A complex algorithm is used to dynamically manage work flow within each survey. This algorithm determines which screens are displayed, and which questions may be “skipped” based on known characteristics and responses to previous questions. This method expedites the surveying process, and ensures faster, more accurate data entry.

  • Data Integrity

    To ensure data quality, built-in edit checks are performed throughout the data entry/upload process. This process is designed to immediately identify potential errors based on predefined rules stored in the database tables.

  • Ensuring Compliance

    INOVAS is commitment to complying with contract requirements pertaining to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Our project management teams have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the requirements and methods to make websites and software applications accessible.

    INOVAS has designed and implemented guidelines and processes to make our Electronic and Information Technology deliverables compliant with Section 508 requirements.

Corporate Capabilities

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GSA Schedule 70

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